A New Journey

I’m starting a new journey. Consider this my new years resolution one month early.

I want to be a photographer.

No, I don’t want to be the next Ansel Adams (if it happens, wow – cool, but not my goal here). What I really want is to be able to take photos of my son, my husband, my pets, myself, my parents, my in-laws, brothers, sisters, cousins, all their children… you get the point. I want those pictures to look stunning and amazing and fantastic and worth printing.

So, I’m here now. I want to be a photographer.

I’m starting with freebie videos and tutorials. I’m pretty darn skilled in using Photoshop as a graphic design tool, but not with photography. Since I own the whole creative suite for work, I plan to stick with it and won’t be using lightroom (yet).

On this blog, hopefully I’ll be able to bring in some great tutorials that I’ve found online and even write a few of my own as I experiment. Either way, the goal is simple.

To be a photographer.

Welcome to my journey.