Two Peas in a Bucket

This, my readers (which since this is my first day posting, and my second ever post means probably just my mom…) is where I will begin.

First, a great thanks to Alex of Alex Christine Photography for helping me find this tutorial. I’ve known Alex since I was a sophomore in high school and every year I am even more grateful that we know each other. When I emailed her begging for tips on where to begin, she suggested this introductory tutorial.

I will say, most of it I knew from high school photography – but since I graduated nearly 10 years ago I was due for a refresher course and this was a great beginning.

12 Weeks to Better Photos. While I’ve already read the entire 12 week pamphlet, I’m going to try exercises for each week anyways just to spark my creativity.

I’ll be back later with a gallery of images!

4 thoughts on “Two Peas in a Bucket

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