A Study in Aperature

Week one for Two Peas in a Bucket (see my previous post) is to work in Aperture priority mode. The goal here is to see the difference between a wide and closed aperture on the same subject.

Seeing as it is the holidays, I decided to use a long strand of lighted garland hanging around the bar in our house.

First, I’d like to note that I did not use the AV mode on my camera. I used manual settings since I’m most comfortable there. I also used a tripod because I was taking pictures of bright lights in a dark area of the house and I needed a long exposure time.

My images are below, but I want to share my thoughts on them first.

I really love the first image with the closed aperture. Granted, I didn’t have a good focus for the second one, I just prefer the crisp picture with my closed aperture. I had a larger depth of field, and since I had my shutter open for so long, I got gorgeous light flares in the white Christmas lights! While the bokeh effect of the wide aperture was great in the second image, I think it was too boring for this particular shot. I would have liked the bokeh if I had a better focal point or subject in the front of my image.

f/29, 1 sec, ISO 1600

f/5.0, 1/15 sec, ISO 1600

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