White Balance

My God is this a highly complicated subject. At least that’s how it feels when you start. I’m still having trouble understanding it entirely – but basically some light has warm tones and some has cool tones.

Sometimes artificial light can create harsh tones that aren’t overly realistic. Adjusting your White Balance on the camera can create a more realistic and natural approach.

Two Peas in a Bucket suggested taking a photo using Auto WB, Tungsten, and then creating a Custom white balance (you can see all of this explained in their 12 week tutorial).

I had read recently that you can also use a neutral grey in order to balance your images properly. I even printed out my own neutral grey card.

So below you’ll see my AWB photo, my Tungsten one, a Custom White Balance using a white piece of paper and my camera, and then one that I’ve edited in Adobe Camera RAW using my grey card.

Auto White Balance using Camera Settings

Tungsten Settings via Camera

Custom White Balance in Camera

Grey Card and Auto White Balance using Adobe Camera RAW

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