Composition at a Glance

So lesson 5 in the Two Peas in a Bucket study happens to be composition.

Composition is a very vast and detailed conversation. I’ve found countless resources telling people what the “correct” composition is, and I will tell you one thing – you can have technically perfect composition and still hate your image, or you can toss caution to the wind and find an image you love.

Still, I’m familiar with the rule of thirds. I like it a lot, and try to use it when shooting photos to avoid “boring” shots. For those of you that are unfamiliar – the rule of thirds is simple – you divide your view into three rows and three columns (thirds), giving you a grid. Then the goal is to either A) Keep the main subject of your image in one third of the image (or the bottom third, the corner etc.), or B) Purposely put your subject in the center, framing them with the remaining images.

When I was in North Carolina visiting my in-laws, one of my mother-in-laws (I have two amazing mother-in-laws) lent me her Nikon D-SLR and let me go shoot pictures while she was busy. One of the images has since become my favorite picture of my husband and son, but it is also a great example of composition.

Also, I want to note that I had the camera on automatic with flash (if needed) since it wasn’t my camera to mess around with. I also have edited the RAW file here and added a few layers in Photoshop to make it look the way I want. This is not SOOC (for those who don’t know – that stands for “Straight Out Of Camera”), but it’s a great example of composition none the less.

Note how my husband and kiddo’s heads are off to the left of the image, leaving the right side of their bodies on the center line, and the right side of the image is all background.

Anyway, I think it’s downright handsome.

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