Shooting Indoors – Trial and Error

I hate it. I truly hate it. At least here I do. My apartment, though bright all day long, doesn’t get enough light for me to take great pictures with the kit lens that came with my camera. I just can’t get the f/stop low enough to get a quick enough shutter speed to use my camera without the tripod.

OKAY Maybe that isn’t 100% true – but I’m really just not that great at it, and I prefer the tripod help me get the stability I’d like for clear images. The rest of the work involves RAW editing.

For week 6, Two Peas in a Bucket suggested taking indoor images using as much natural light as possible. Oh and remembering to meter your camera to the subject in your photo, not the windows or lights nearby just in case!

Here’s a shot I took of my son in his “tent” playing with white Christmas lights.

I took this image using a tripod, but I couldn’t tell you if this was one of the shots where it was on the ground, or one where I was using it just as a stabilizer against my leg.

I had the window off to the right behind the Christmas lights. I also used a higher ISO to avoid the noise I get with the 1600 ISO on my camera.

I’ve also adjusted the white balance here and highlighted his eyes a bit. Goodness but I love Photoshop!

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